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silo, tank and storage bin inventory systemSiloWeigh.Net is an inventory management and control system that allows a client to monitor the weight of material in many silos, tanks and storage bins located in different places. The information can be used to predict when deliveries will be necessary, even if the user is not aware of it, and allow the client to take appropriate action. For example, they can schedule deliveries for the next day instead of reacting to urgent phone calls.

The remote units, based on the well proven SiloWeigh system and strain gauge sensors, measure the weight in silos and allow clients to see the results in the local network. In addition, it transmits the actual quantities through the internet to the SiloWeigh.Net server. When Internet is not available, it uses the cellular radio network. The readings are stored in an SQL database, which allows the data to be retrieved via a secure Internet site.


bullet  Suppliers can improve their delivery methods and give better customer satisfaction as a result.
bullet  Users are warned when refill of a silo is necessary.
bullet  Production plants can avoid overfilling their silos.
bullet  The silos in remote locations can be monitored easily.
bullet  Users can measure every delivery and detect fraud.


bullet  Allows you to monitor an unlimited number of silos, tanks or storage bins.
bullet  The installation and setup is easy; you can do it yourself.
bullet  Uses industry standard networking: TCP/IP, dialup, lan, wan.
bullet  Browser based, no extra software required.
bullet  View it on your smart phone or tablet.
bullet  Local monitoring and alarms are available.
bullet  History trend graphs allow you to track performance.
bullet  Uses an industry standard SQL database.
bullet  Accessible by Internet with secure password.
bullet  The system gives alerts via SMS text and Email messages.


Siloweigh.net silo weighing system measures true weight of siloUp to 32 silos can be connected, via digital transmitters on each silo and single cable or radio link, to the data acquisition module, DAQ unit inside the SiloWeigh.Net system cabinet.  The DAQ records weight data at programmable intervals, storing readings for an extended period in non-volatile on-board memory. Also stored are 4 alarm values: Emergency low value, Reordering value, High value and Overfill value; an optional I/O rack allows the activation of alarm lamps, buzzers or pinch-off valves. The DAQ module is connected by Ethernet cable to a separate computer or embedded PC.   This computer acts as a web server and local database, which allows other computers on the local area network to view the results through a web browser.  The advantage in this method is the ability for people to view the display without the need for special software.

The local server transmits the data to the SiloWeigh.Net database server.  By viewing through an Internet browser, the supplier can deliver more material before the silo is empty.  It is also possible to notify an operator that the emergency high level is exceeded, so that he can halt the delivery before the filter is damaged.  If the Internet database is off-line, unsent readings are stored and transmitted when it comes back on line.


When a local Internet connection is not available, the Cellular Modem delivers reliable digital data communication virtually anywhere in the world.


Web based server - The standard database residing on the SiloWeigh.Net server. The client's database is accessible by any web browser (via passwords to ensure total security), enabling the supplier to see all the customers' silo values and dispatch deliveries accordingly.  End users can monitor the values of each silo and order directly on-line. Database system maintenance is carried out by Scale-Tron.  This choice is suitable for clients not wishing to tie up their IT staff or without in-house IT resources.

User-based server - A user company creates its own database based on the needs of the business but it must include all locations with SiloWeigh.Net installed.  Scale-Tron provides the web-based database of silo data on the SiloWeigh.Net server.  This can be accessed by the user's customers.  The user maintains his own database system and Scale-Tron maintains the web database.  Suitable for large clients with resident IT staff.

SiloWeigh.Net Specifications

Plant data acquisition system - Capacity for 32 silos.  Each silo, tank or storage bin has a digital transmitter. This allows the monitoring of both normal silos and divided silos on the same screen.

DAQ Data outputs - one Ethernet port plus one RS485 serial port.

Local indication - digital display of each silo's weight value (tons, gallons, liters etc.) via Internet browser software in computer connected to the Ethernet port.

Remote data transmission - over local area network and Internet to SiloWeigh.Net server. If plant network not available, a cellular modem is connected to the server.

Alarms - up to 24 standard opto-isolated solid state input/output relays, any voltage AC or DC, by choice of appropriate modules.  Alarms can be programmed to be "or'ed" to a single output for sounding an audible alarm, individually enabled for status lamps or as inputs to cancel audible alarms and master reset.  Alternatively, inputs can be connected to over-pressure switches to give "soft alarm" when the filters become blocked.

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